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Yasisurie at the finale of her first show at CFW 2014

About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Our business has been such a rewarding journey. At the heart of us is the focus on craft and design... Creativity and providing new design options every day ..... It is creativity that keep us alive.... We have moved into many new frontiers since our inception. See our story below that started as a dream in our founder's mind just when she was a teen... Through years in college and working for garment exports she slowly paved the way to start her business and her first brand .... 

Our Story

Yasisurie launched her first collection that paved way for her business back in February 2014 at "Colombo Fashion Week". She won the Gen Next award for that collection that gave her the initial recognition required.

She then went onto launch readywear collections bi-annually and subsequently she started receiving custom and couture orders too.

Yasisurie slowely worked with  team she could trust and built around what she loved best- empowering women and fashion.

Back in 2016 Yasisurie launched her first bridal collection at the "Designer Wedding Show" alongside some of the top industry professionals that she had come to respect over the years. These years also brought a lot of press exposure and much appreciation over her work.

In 2016 Yasisurie was able to represent Sri Lanka at "The Global Entrepreneurship Summit" held at Stanford University and hosted by then President Obama. She was the only representative for the prestigious Special 100 delegates from 100 countries. She also was able to represent Sri Lanka again in December 2016 at the Regional Ties seminar in Kathmandu Nepal organized by Exchange alumni of USA.

Over the years she has been able to foster many connections thus with international entrepreneurs paving the way to expand her work beyond borders. 

Even with the economic crisis and Covid 19 our small team has been able to work with clients and brides from all over the world, including France, Germany, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, India, Dubai, USA, UK to name a few.

Since then Yasisurie went on to show case and collaborate with many creative brands including " CJS, Bride & Groom, Cinnamon Lakeside, Founders Institute, Chokolaate & Hilton to name a few.

She also showcased as the finale designer for the Centenary Fashion Show hosted by Visakha Vidyalaya , her alma mater.

She also mentored many students under her fashion college classes "Couture Fashion Training Centre" and have had quote a few finale participants and winners.

She also has mentored many students and entrepreneurs through various platforms and have been a key note speaker at several events. 

From a creative point Yasisurie has been training herself as much as her students and each year push herself and her business to create new collections and solutions for her customers.

Some of her notable clients include, Miss Sri Lanka from years 204,2016,2017, Mrs Sri Lanka 2022, Miss Globe 2018, Miss Earth 2014,2015,2016, artists such as Subhani Amaradeva and actress Udari Perera to name a few.

Yasisurie Designerwear, Yasisurie Kiribandara Couture & Bride, Weddings by Yaisurie, CFTCSL, are a few of our brands under the umbrella so far.

As this is a family based business Yasisurie often works with her mother and her sister as her support and her artisans and fashion students who intern with her.

With customers Yasisurie always attends to them personally since the beginning. We also sell our online collections and deliver all over the world.

In 2023 Yasisurie launched her newest brand "Styled by Yasisurie" which further expands the service provided for her couture and bridal clients providing a total solution.


The Designer

Yasisurie for Lanka Woman Cover STory 2015