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What is the next big thing in Bridal dresses & sarees?

So since 2020 we have been working on this line of hand-painted and silk painted and batik bridal dresses and sarees....

This seems to be what our brides loves the most!!!

We then embroider it and embellish it tooo!!!

This was inspired by the purple pea flower and my take on it!!!

A simple elegant representation that is unique and creates an oomph factor that is so unique.

Our batik and silk handpainted kandyan bridal was also embellished and embroidered.. this mix media creates a unique harmony and contrast to create the overall eclectic look that is so appreciated by the modern bride looking for something unique for her special day!

The modern meets vintage with a tough of eclectic design is what is depicted through this line... each design carefully painted on silk with accents in embroidery...

Is this your vibe? Did you look for this kind of bridal?

Have you been looking to get such a dress or saree created just for you?

We can create the design that is most close to your heart and story. So it's just for you.....

If this is your vibe then we would love to create for you....

Is this your kind of bridal look?

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