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Heritage calling---- our latest line pays homage to my Kandyan background

As a designer all of my collections are inspired by my own background and you. In this collection after years of contemplation so much of design and development I am finally launching the line that seems close to my heart. It is mainly inspired by my heritage from my great grandmother to my grandmother.

My mom always spoke about how certain dress methods and traditional techniques used by my late great grandmother she had witnessed and loved as a child. As a child I personally have witnessed how my grandmother would wear a kandyan saree within a few minutes in an expert style. This always was so fascinating to me as I watched her drape a floral yellow and white kandyan ( rather modern) and style her hair in a perfect coiff

The collection connects the dots between this heritage and connects it with architectural motifs from our own art ( some of it I found in my house) and the freedom of a forgiven spirit....which is my signature style......

The collection has used handpainting by silk, batik and embroidery to bring forward the techniques in a modern version yet not straying too far away from heritage itself.

This collection gives me immense joy and I hope you enjoy it as much! Keeping alive our heritage and history yet moving forward in time......

Do follow our releases as we create more and more designs in this line for the lover of the heritage kandyan!! I am not going to deviate much from the original sihouette in an attempt to pay respect to the original silhouette we have come to love and respect so much.

A Kandyan is a unique standard of history, culture, heritage and the very essence of being of a Sri Lankan Bloodline. Despite religion or race all Sri Lankans around the world identify with this unique deisgn style that is so very Sri Lankan!!!

You can order your own custom design or or order from this line as we will be releasing more designs in the future......

Here are some...

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